Simply the best in shutters made by S:Craft…

Having done our research we have chosen The S:Craft Range of Shutters 

The quality, choice of colours & styles are, in our opinion, the best on the market. 

Styles include:

Tier on Tier – 2 sets of panels on top of each other, working independently of each other

Cafe Style – Where only part of the windows are covered. Some clients choose to have shutters on the bottom half of the window and a roman blind at the top

Tracked – The panels are attached top & bottom & concertina back, ideal for patio/Bi-fold doors

Solid – Panels with no louvres at all

Shaped – Bespoke to fit awkward or odd shaped windows such as a round window

Full Height – The most popular style of shutter with our clients. The panel fills the whole window from top to bottom, these can be separated by tow lots of moving louvres, allowing privacy at the bottom but still letting light through at the top.

Our Shutters can be made with a wand control or the popular easy tilt (hidden controls) 

Our bay window shutters are measured and made in one piece rather than single shutters attached together, in our opinion this gives a much neater finish

We also fill any gaps at the time of fitting, we think this especially important on bay windows & leaves the shutters looking as though they are part of the bay.

Our Shutter Range of materials include:

  • Antigua – Antigua is our entry level shutter solution made from a high quality MDF covered in a patented polymer coating. It is both elegant and hardwearing.

  • Bermuda – Made from both MDF & ABS. Bermuda is a hybrid of Java and Antigua, featuring robust MDF frames and panels with hollow, lighter ABS louvres. It comes in a wider colour palette and more closely resembles the finish of painted hardwood shutter.

  • Cuba – Made from both Hardwood & MDF. Cuba is our entry level hardwood range. They are made from a combination of our popular MDF frames but feature lightweight hardwood panels and louvres

  • Java – 100% Waterproof ABS. Ideal for high humidity rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as children’s play areas. In addition to them being fully waterproof, ABS is very strong and is the same material that motorcycle helmets are made from.

  • Fiji – Premium Hardwood. When stained, Fiji shutters are made from Paulownia, a sustainable hardwood which reaches maturity in 7-10 years. Its distinctive grain is ideal if you love natural textures. Painted Fiji shutters are made from a mix of three premium hardwoods. Its reduced weight makes it perfect for covering large window expanses and glass ceilings. It can also be crafted into any shape. Choose from 5 louvre widths, 27 woods stains and 23 paint colours, including a custom colour option.

  • Samoa – Premium Hardwood. Made from the finest quality white teak when stainer, and the highest grade Ayous wood when painted, this distinctive product features robust frames to accommodate an optional hidden hinge. Samoa can be crafted into any shape. Choose from 5 louvre widths, 27 wood stains and 22 paint colours, including a custom colour option.

  • Portchester – Aluminium . Made from architectural grade aluminium, Portchester shutters have all the style and functionality of our wooden shutters with the additional advantage of the intruder resistance. Safety features include a top and bottom guide system that prevents the shutters from being lifted out of their channels, and a patented strip-proof lock. A CE certification ensures they’re finished to the highest standard. Available with 89mm louvres, a choice of 3 paint colours and a custom colour option. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.