The best shutters for bay windows

Take a read through our guide on the ideal shutters for the bay windows in your home…

The United Kingdom has an abundance of homes with bay windows. Many Georgian and Victorian homes were built with bay fronts but modern architects also like to give a home a bit of depth. This style of window increases the sunlight in a room to a space-enhancing effect. They add actual floor area too, as they project from the line of the building, which can prove beneficial in planning both the layout and look of the room.

Bay windows typically have 3 openings with a picture window in the middle and two smaller panels either side. Bow windows can feature 4-5 sections and are curved. A box bay window is generally rectangular, with a flat front and sides and some type of roof. If the sides of the box are angled, it can also be called a canted window.

1. Tier on Tier Shutters


This is a common favourite for bays as tier on tier shutters are the most versatile of all shutter designs. While allowing both tiers closed, slats can still be angled to adjust the light with full control. With the top tier open, the shutters take on the appearance of a cafe style, granting maximum light into the room – yet keeping privacy on the lower half. Perfect for living room windows.

Though highly prized, bay and bow windows can be a challenge to dress. But there’s more you can do to enhance them than by simply putting curtains up, which take up a lot of useful space. Here we show you some perfect shutters for different bay window styles.

2. Cafe style shutters


In this box bay wooden bay window (above), shutters have been made in a cafe style. Perfect for lounges and studies, cafe style shutters can be used in place of bay window curtains to give great privacy – but still allow in plenty of light.

3. Solid Shutters
If re-establishing your property’s Regency, Victorian or Georgian character is high on your list, you might prefer to choose solid shutters which fold back, offering a traditional look. These shutters are also the best for achieving near-blackout conditions, so are perfect for bow windows in a bedroom.


4. Coloured Shutters
As bay windows are such an excellent focal point for a room scheme, you could go all-out for attention by choosing an accent colour for the shutters that will really highlight a bay window’s attributes. The featured colour could then be developed through other furnishings.

Shutters bring elegance and style to bay and bow windows. Externally, bay window shutters also work beautifully, emphasising the shape of the window and improving the exterior of your home.

Offering privacy from the outside world whilst giving homeowners total flexibility with light control, plantation shutters in bay windows are every bit as practical as they are timeless. They add a further layer of insulation against draughty sash windows, are easy to uphold, and contribute to noise reduction.

Max Melia